New Generation Montessori Art Curriculum

School year 2023 – 2024

With support from New Generation Montessori Foundation we are excited to announce the opportunity for Full Time New Generation Montessori enrolled students 3.5 years and older to participate in the art program at no additional cost.

In addition to the school uniform, students enrolled in the art program will need to purchase additional uniform items. These can be purchased using the following Amazon link:

As any other personal students belongings, please label them.

Enrollment for this comprehensive art course will close promptly on Monday, August 28th at 12:00pm. Please complete the enrollment form if you would like your child to participate.

To ensure limitless possibilities for all students, donations are greatly appreciated. Here is the list of art supply donations:


Why Study Visual Arts?


To start with, here are a couple MISCONCEPTIONS about art:

  • There is no purpose having it in an academic setting.
  • It leads to rowdy and uncontrollable attitudes.
  • It holds no stance in the real world.
  • It’s not worth the time.


Though some say that art has no academic importance, it is actually an incorporation of every core subject taught in school. History, Math, Science, and Language can all be observed through art. For example, when looking at an art piece such as the Stele of Hammurabi, we can learn about the history and writing of Ancient Babylonian culture. Other art, such as the cave art in the Lascaux caves, showed us the long term degradation of certain materials due to climate change. We can see the mathematical ingenuity from architectural works, including the pyramids and gothic cathedrals. All together, we at New Generation Montessori, firmly believe that art not only belongs in the academic setting, but should also be a class available to all students.

So now that we have faced the first misconception, let’s move on to the second. Art does not lead to becoming a rebellious person. What art does do, is teach creativity and free will. So much history is written down in art, all because most people were free to create it. When cultivated the right way, creativity ultimately leads to entrepreneurial minds and overall advancement in society. Even one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, was an artist, an architect.

The third point was about art’s stance in the real world. Truth is, most everything around us is art. The chair you’re sitting in? The dishes at your house? The clothes you’re wearing? Your house or car? The outdoor park you take your kids to play at? Whether an interior designer, fashion designer, or architect, everything was designed by a different type of artist. Everything begins with a creative mind and the will to create.

Now, after looking through all this, there should be no possible way to say that art isn’t worth the time. 

Our purpose is to create a foundation through which children will be able:

  1. To advance their creative minds.
  2. To use art as a tool for self expression.
  3. To appreciate other cultures and ways of life.

Ms. Sol de la Mora
Visual Arts Director
New Generation Montessori

Registration Deadline








Enrollment in Art Class is currently Closed. If you have any questions, please email your local campus! 

Thank you for participating!

Art Curriculum Enrollment Form


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By submitting this form I (we) agree for my (our) child to participate in the Art Curriculum Program. Disclosure: Articles of clothing may be stained with the working materials. The use of protective wear is mandatory to participate in the program. I consent for all purposes to the use, and/or reproduction of all photographs/videos of my child taken by the photographer or by any nominee of the photographer associated with the school, in whole or in part, in all forms and media editorial, art and exhibition. In giving this consent, I release the photographer and his/her nominees from liability for any use of any personal or proprietary right I have in connection with any reproduction or use of the photographs. All photographs/videos are for educational purposes and/or advertising for New Generation Montessori Schools.
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